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Foshan Beilichun Sanitary Ware Fittings Factory/About Us

About us

Balleyspring is conveniently located in the famous Kung Fu area of Foshan, near to the Huangpu Port,Guangzhou.
Being very experienced in the field since 2007.We pride ourselves in the capability of production runs to precise quality standards from our well established facility.
Many loyal Domestic and International customers select from our extensive range of sealing profiles.
New opportunities will become evident by working with Balleyspring.

Product difference

Consumers pay close attention to the sealing and waterproofing of the shower room when choosing to buy the shower room, because to make the bathroom dry and wet distinctly, the role of rubber tape is very important. The quality of rubber strip lies in the control of raw material quality, formulation and processing technology.

High-quality waterproof (also known as water-proof) tape is produced with unique formula while using high-quality raw materials. The product has the characteristics of strong anti-ultraviolet light (not easy to yellowing), cold resistance, no cracking, strong flexibility and long service life. It can realize the waterproof leakage between the shower room, the wall and the movable door, and fully guarantee the water sealing of the shower room.

The design of low-grade water-retaining adhesive strip only has the front and back adjustment of the wall material, so it is difficult to correct the inclination of the wall surface to achieve perfect water seal. Many ordinary shower room manufacturers do not even use water-proof tape, directly beating glass glue treatment, easy to cause the shower room blackening mildew and other phenomena. Low-grade shower room door seal magnetic strip and sealant strip quality process is poor, do thinner, poor permeability, impurities, easy to aging and yellowing, or even fracture, short service life.

Foshan Balleyspring Bathroom Strip Factory specializes in producing waterproof strips for shower rooms. It uses high quality raw materials to produce various types of strips. It is suitable for different types of shower rooms. Connected and extruded strips and reflux strips represent the high-level sealing performance of shower rooms. Effectively achieve the perfect sealing and waterproofing of the shower room, so that glass and tape, profiles and tape are closely inlaid, both effective waterproofing and effective protection of glass. Balleyspring Rubber Strip Factory specializes in middle and high-end products to solve the problem of yellowing and cracking of rubber strips for you! Welcome to inquire, we will serve you wholeheartedly! Hotline: 0757-88572190, fax: 0757-88582132, company website: www.rqldw.com

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