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Foshan Beilichun Sanitary Ware Fittings Factory/Service
1, innovative technology
In BALLEYSPRING sanitary ware, our unremitting efforts make our products more practical, more comfortable and easier to use. As a waterproof tape and magnetic field experts, our goal is for you to provide innovative health products, so you spend a good and comfortable time in the bathroom.

2, the perfect quality
Bathroom BALLEYSPRING always adheres to Chengde type craft is rigorous, strict inspection program execution and zero error as far as possible, to ensure that we all produced perfect flawless, as satisfactory enough to witness Gaussian people the pursuit of perfect quality commitment.

3, fine channels
BALLEYSPRING sales and after-sales service network has spread all over the more than 300 large and medium-sized cities in the country, through the daily operation and management of the marketing system to achieve the management of all levels of distributors, agents, and embarked on the market of Seiko secret agents, the channels toward the county-level city, county, town. From a single store sales, channel engineering, to Jiezhuang companies, designers and other hidden channels to buy, Jicai, residential and other channels have use it freely. In order to expand sales channels, increase market share, reduce the circulation cost, so that consumers get more benefits, in line with the modern consumer's life and buying habits, Beilichun gradually establish network marketing and e-commerce system, to enhance the strength of the brand and market share.